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December 12th, 2011

Missed @ 12:12 pm

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Wow, the IBM PC has got 30 this year! I was aware of the event, but missed it... Really, I still have those old PCW issues. It is sometimes funny to flip through them seeing that old stuff ;-) I wish I could get more of them, but they are sold nowhere :-(
Still I wonder why the IBM PC has become the most prevalent on this planet.There were many types of computers: Amiga, Spectrum, etc... Probably the IBM engineers had just analysed those Achilles heels of their opponents thoroughly,IMO. For example, I've never seen a Spectrum in reality, but I wonder whether it was possible to assemble it using different vendors' hardware. And I know nothing of the OS. Right now they're non-existent, though, so we mainly can't check the fact ;-)
So today there are, IMHO, only two types of computers. They're the IBM PC and the Mac. BTW, I've never seen a Mac either, and don't think I'll ever need it. ;-) I haven't even checked out a Linux properly( the only version I've got is an ASP), so why get useless things?
Sadly, Ritchie has died. The man who has really influenced the IT world is gone.

August 1st, 2011

Poetry again @ 06:05 am

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Venus--Hesper--were we native
To that splendour or in Mars
We should see the globe we groan in
Fairest of their evening stars.

Could we dream of war and carnage
Craft and madness, lust and spite
Roaring London, raving Paris
In that peaceful point of light?

May 8th, 2011

Interesting... @ 11:27 pm


The 1990s started, and the SU collapsed. When the 2000s started, 9/11 took place. And now there's something going on in Libya... They also say they have killed Bin Laden.
Wonder what the 2020s will begin with...

January 10th, 2011

It's kinda weird... @ 05:45 am

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The FDD I use (I still use an FDD!!! WOW!!!) says my diskettes ain't formatted although I clearly know that they are!!!
Another FDD can read them... So maybe this new motherboard is also broken??? ;-) Well, I have a different one and I figure I'll test it out later.
I wish they would get rid of the 32GB limitation bug... There are no new firmware updates for such old products, though :-(((

December 30th, 2010

NHL @ 08:45 am

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The Ducks are not performing well enough. Just checked out the standings. No playoffs next year again? :-(

Writer's Block: The times they are a-changing @ 08:26 am

How would you describe the last decade in one sentence?

It gave me creeps a lot.

Burnt @ 08:13 am

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My mobo has broken down. I've hung it on a wall as if it were a picture and am currently looking at it :-| It even smells smoke and is a little burnt to the right of its USB port connector.
Damn :-( I wish I could really get a new one because this board is old (FCPGA2). Enough to program using C/C++/Assembler, though :-)

December 25th, 2010

New router @ 03:48 am


Looks like I'll have to get a new router. I have already selected one, though :-) It will probably be an Asus. Luckily, it's cheap...

December 20th, 2010

Router fixed!!! @ 03:32 am

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I've finally found out why the router went boo boo!!!! :-)))))

Oops. @ 03:24 am

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The mobo I bought doesn't recognise my HDD. It's way too large!!! Well, looks like I need a new one. Luckily, they're cheap!
Qatar is to hold the World Cup 2022 :-((((( Why did Australia lose???? What's the main difference between the bids??? The Aussie presentation rocks, IMO.

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